“you look familiar”, I’m trying to place her…its hard, we are sitting in a gymnastics gym…I must have photographed her…Yup!  Sienna’s new born session back in Feb.  So over a few weeks we chat while we watch our daughters attempt gymnastics (pretty funny since they are only 3 & 4).  Then she mentions she is going to a preschool meeting…hey, me too…Yup, same school!  Too funny.  Well, lets do a kid free coffee one day (feels like I’m dating again!)  Having a kid free coffee is a big treat so we talked for hours!  Her work, my work and in our conversation she mentions a few things about style….

She had a fabulous photographer for her wedding, but she didn’t like most of her pictures!  She said they were beautiful (I’ve seen them, they are!) but she wished she knew me for her wedding, just because my style is closer to hers….so that got me thinking…If she hired one of the best photographers in the city but still wasn’t a big fan…so how do I get brides to understand how important it is to find the right photographer for YOU…so this is what I came up with…

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How to Choose your Wedding Photographer:


Fashion:  You will be asked to “stand this way, lean on this, look towards the sky, don’t smile, and act like you own the world”.  You will have images that are all about you.  This style is dark, sexy and usually edgy.


Natural:  Your groom hugs you from behind and just as you start to laugh you hear the camera click.  That sweet moment when your groom sees you for the first time in your gown and smiles, the stolen glance during your vows, the hand squeeze from grandma, this is natural photography.  Your photos will be bright, timeless and full of family and friends laughing.

Self-serve or Full-serve

You are driving over to your photographers’. You are bouncing in your seat, so excited to see your wedding day in pictures… you just can’t wait!!!

Option 1: you get there and your photographer hands you a disc, tells you how wonderful your day was and says goodbye. Your shoulders just hang!!!   You head home, insert the disc and find you have over 1000 images to download.  An hour or so later, you finally see a few images.  Post a few favorites to facebook.  Print a few 4×6’s as gifts and maybe an 8×10 for the wall.  Put the disc away only to lose it in the next move.
Oh! You wanted an album?  Ok, spend another 40 hours picking your images, trying to design a layout (then giving up and trying out one of the layout programs that come with the photobook) and then receive the book in the mail two weeks later to find the pictures are grainy, the layouts are odd and there are too many images to enjoy. This is called shoot and burn service or “I just want the files”.

Option 2:  You arrive at your photographers’, sit down and she shows you a slideshow that makes you cry with joy. Don’t worry she has tissues.  She has a predesigned album for you to enjoy, she has a canvas sample all ready for your home and even a few gift ideas for your friends and family.  The options are endless!  A few worry free weeks later you come back to pick up your  art.  Everyday you walk by your favorite image and think “wow, what a fabulous day!”.
This is called full service.

Pricing it out (and what to expect for your money)

$10,000+  Is a boutique photographer.  They are usually exclusive and limit the number of weddings they do a year.  All of your albums, canvas and prints will be indulgent, your collections will be lavish and so will your service. Expect coffee and chocolate at every visit!

$4000-$9000 Is a full time photographer.  She expects to exceed your expectations with surprise gifts, thoughtful personalized service and warm hugs. Albums are beautifully designed and exclusive to professional photographers. Her focus is completely on you, not only helping you look stunning, but more importantly feeling extraordinary.
“You are really good for my ego!”
Pam at Sam Corea Realty.

$2000-$4000 Is a part time photographer with a full time job, also known as ‘weekend warrior’.  This photographer will need to fit you into his schedule and can take a bit longer to deliver your final images. Albums are created using standard templates and can usually be purchased by general public.

$1999 or less is a student, a person with a fancy camera on auto, or if you are lucky someone who has even photographed a wedding or two.  Most likely will be ‘shoot and burn’ and possibly even have some editing done to the photos.

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